Climate & Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam lies entirely within the tropical belt of Northern Hemispere, is more inclined to tropic than the equatorial line.
That position has given Vietnam a high temperature. Its annual average temperature is from 22 º C to 27 º C. Every year, there are about 100 rainy days with average rainfall from 1,500 to 2,000. Air humidity is approximately 80%. The number of hours of sunshine is approximately 1500-2000 hours and the average annual radiation is 100kcal/cm ².
Besides, monsoon also makes the humid tropical climate of Vietnam changed. In general, Vietnam has a hot season with lots of rain and a relatively cold season, less rain. Based on that general temperature, the climate of the Northern provinces (from Hai Van Pass to the north) changes over four seasons: Spring, summer, fall and winter.
Vietnam is affected greatly by the northeast monsoon, so the average temperature is lower than that of many other countries in Asia at the same latitude. Compared to these countries, Viet Nam temperature is colder in winter and little hotter in summer. Due to the influence of monsoon, further complicated topography, the climate in Vietnam always changes during the year, from the middle of this year to another year as well as between this place and other places (from North to South and from low to high).
climate weather in vietnam
Hanoi has four seasons: Spring, summer, fall, winter. The dry season begins from October last year to April next year. This is the cold period and has no heavy rain. From January to March, it is still cold, but because of being spring, there is light rain (spring rain) sufficient moisture for treesto flush. From May to September, it is the hot season with heavy rain and storm. August, September and October are the autumn in Hanoi. Hanoi autumn has blue sky and cool breeze. These days at the end of fall will be quite chilly and quickly integrate into winter.
The average winter temperature: 17.2 ° C (at low down to 2.7 ° C). The average summer: 29.2 º C (at most up to 39 º C). The average annual temperature: 23.2 ° C, the average annual rainfall: 1,800 mm.
Hai Phong
Hai Phong is located in the tropical monsoon area, the average temperature is 23 º C – 24 º C, annual rainfall is from 1,600 to 1,800 mm, warm weather year-round, four seasons have fresh green fruits.
Quang Ninh (Halong bay)
The average annual temperature is about 25 º C. Quang Ninh has forests and beaches, a lot of rare seafood.
Thua Thien-Hue
Located in the tropical monsoon climate, so its weather takes place in four – season – circle, spring is cool and warm, summer is hot, autumn is tender and winter is very cold. The average annual temperature is 25 º C. The annual number of sunny hours is 2,000 hours. The best tourist season is from November last year to April next year.
Da Nang
Located in tropical climate, it is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. The average annual temperature is 28 º C – 29 º C, storms often dumps directly into the city in September and October every year.
Khanh Hoa
Khanh Hoa moderate climate is dominated by both tropical monsoon climate and the oceanic climate, so it is relatively mild. The average annual temperature is 26.5 º C. The verage annual rainfall is over 1,200 mm.
Lam Dong
Da Lat climatologists call Da Lat the “City of Spring”, because the highest average temperature is 24 º C and the lowest average temperature is 15 º C. The average annual rainfall is 1.755mm. The dry season is from December to March next year. The rainy season is from April to November. There is sunshine in all seasons. Thanks to this climate, Da Lat city is like a – hundred and thousand flavor -flower garden year-round.
Ba Ria – Vung Tau
Ba Ria – Vung Tau belongs to the tropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 27 º C, less wind and storm, more sunlight.
Ho Chi Minh City
The climate includes two distinct seasons, the rainy season is from May to November, and the average annual rainfall is 1.979mm. The dry season is from December to April next year. The average annual temperature is 27.5 º C, no winter. Tourism activities are facilitating during 12 months.

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