Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat is a H’Mong village located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the majestic Fansipan Summit. The culture of ethnic minorities here always associates with the original nature. This is also a perfect choice for the tourists who get bored with the urban life.

Cat cat village at sapa
It takes visitors about 2 km to walk or ride motorbike from Sapa town center to Cat Cat Village. Arriving at this destination, visitors will start their journey to explore the delights and experience the lives of the native people living along both sides of the road with small houses built beside the mountain. The architecture of these houses bases on the most outstanding features of the ancient architectural style of the local people. For instance, the houses are a model of three spaces; the roofs are covered with the fokienia wood. Walls are covered with timbers, and the houses usually have three doors: the main door in the middle space, and the two side doors at both ends of the houses.
cat cat village
The main door is always closed, and it’s only opened when holding the big events such as weddings, funerals, or making the ceremonial offerings on Tet holiday. There are altar, the spot for reserved food, bedrooms, kitchen and living room in the house. The houses are separated by the terraced rice fields. There are the luxuriant bamboo hedges in combination with the green of the fields shaped the arcs behind those houses.
Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the daily activities of the ethnic minorities including farming or secondary activities that people often do when they are at leisure after harvest time such as weaving fabric, carving silver furniture and creating agricultural tools, handicrafts to sell to tourists.

kid in cat cat village sapa

Nowadays, in the effective development of the tourism industry, the quantities of tourists who flock to Sapa in general and Cat Cat Village in particular powerfully increase more and more. As a result, some young people tend to work in services; the others also learn to speak foreign languages and work as tour guides, etc. This is the new feature of Sapa tourism, perhaps.

cat cat in sapa

Beside the characteristic customs of the ethnic minorities, the nature favours this land an exceedingly special beauty, therefore, Cat Cat Village has been an attractive site in Sapa since it was founded. Setting foot on this village, tourists will go through a bridge Si crossing Cat Cat Stream and the romantic Cat Cat waterfall. The more visitors deeply come to the village, the more visitors get astonished at the impressive nature. If Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Fansipan Summit – the roof of Indochina make you feel admirable for the natural beauty, the terraced rice fields here will make you respect the creation of upland people. They know how to overcome the disadvantages of terrain to make up the fields enabling to cultivate. In addition, it’s also a spectacular picture and an original beauty in the natural space of the majestic mountains. This is also an endless source of inspiration for the photographers and tourists when coming to Sapa Vietnam.

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